VenaSeal™ Closure System

The VenaSealTM closure system is the first and only treatment approved for use in the U.S. that uses an advanced medical adhesive to safely and effectively close the diseased vein segment. Tumescent anesthesia is not required. Unlike other varicose vein treatments, there is rapid return to normal activities. The VenaSealTM closure system delivers a small amount of specially formulated medical adhesive to the diseased vein. The adhesive closes the vein and blood is rerouted through nearby healthy veins.

The VenaSealTM Closure System delivers immediate and lasting vein closure with its proprietary medical adhesive formula.

Benefits of the VenaSeal™ Closure Treatment

  • Simple, segmental procedure
  • No tumescent anesthesia
  • Limited needle sticks
  • Less pain and bruising than thermal energy treatment
  • No post-procedure compression stockings required

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VenaSeal™ Closure System
VenaSeal™ Closure Treatment Before and After